Everyone needs a taste of truth every now and then in their life and mirror reflections are the best to do that. Mirrors do more than just showing you the reality, they are also an integral part in home decor to lift up the structure of a place. When you think about decorating your house with mirrors you would want to consider the option of custom mirror Dubai but then you may think what kind of mirror you need. Here we have got you some of the different types to help you with it:

  • Vanity mirror

This is the most obvious and most popular need of mirror in every single household. The job of vanity mirror is very simple which is to serve reflection in bathrooms or vanity spaces. Vanity mirror should be big enough to accommodate reflection of two people at a time but this would also mean that you should have enough space on your walls. Vanity mirrors are also often used for makeup application with a strip of glowing bulbs for better look.

  • Framed mirrors

As you must have guessed, the basic purpose of framed mirrors is to provide decor. Framed mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes which makes it easy for people to choose in accordance with the space. Some of the basic framing is the wood frame or the acrylic look which gold and silver colourings give. You can add mirrors atop your TV shelves for a luxurious look.

  • Antique mirror

Now we know it can be hard to find antique mirrors when we think about getting a new one but if you try you can surely find or make one with help of your custom mirror maker. They are the experts in this matter and it shouldn’t be too hard to make something look like worn out and vintage. Antique mirrors can instantly enhance the look of it no matter what and how.

  • Full size mirrors

Many people think that full size mirrors are only useful in home gyms and fitness areas but this is not the case as a huge empty wall can always use some help of mirrors. Mirrors help in making the space look wide and open. You can add them in between your staircases or dining rooms and enjoy the view.

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