Motorists cannot be expected to always see danger ahead while driving. This is because there are various distractions around them and at times, even the weather might prevent them from being able to do so. No matter what the reason is, the utilization of collapsible traffic cones is the perfect means of making a driver pay attention to the road. These cones are bright orange, and are wrapped twice with reflective tape. They are used to alert pedestrians and drivers of the danger that lies ahead. At times, these are also used for reserved parking and are used as parking solutions in UAE.

As the name implies, collapsible traffic cones have the ability to collapse, which is the major reason behind their popularity as they can be easily moved around and stored also. They have a height of either 18 or 28 inches and are made out of pure durable nylon and have a 12.5 inch polypropylene base. These materials are actually meant to help make the cones reliable as well as weather proof.

It is pretty normal for bright colors to grab the attention of most people. This is the reason why these cones just like a majority of other safety equipment are bright orange in color.  The two reflective bands placed on them make it easy for motorists to notice them not only at night but during bad weather also, thereby making it possible for them to be cautious ahead. One of the best ways to prevent roadside accidents is for the driver to know exactly what is going on around him/her and that is exactly what these cones do.

Firefighters are responsible for keeping the public safe, and the utilization of the appropriate safety equipment is a must. This is the major reason why all the trucks at fire stations are equipped with collapsible traffic cones. These cones make it possible for firefighters to prevent people from danger and warn incoming traffic about the danger that lies in the surroundings. Light sticks are used by them just in case these cones are not available.

Even instructors who take driver’s education classes utilize collapsible traffic cones both while practicing with and testing new drivers. These are also used by race tracks to outline the tracks and keeping onlookers a bit away from the tracks.

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