According to the best SEO agency in Dubai, there are many advantages of using an agile web development team to create your website. Agile (incremental) Software Development Methodologies, also known as Lean Manufacturing principles, form the foundation of all agile software development teams.

  1. Agile strives to build up the business process over the period of development and provides information about the current status of the development process and near-term goals for the next phase. A web development team that is fully engaged in the Agile software development process will have an increased understanding of the entire life cycle and be able to anticipate customer needs.
  2. According to the best web development companies in Abu Dhabi, the Agile process has evolved and been refined through years of use by development teams across many different industries.
  3. Agile method of web development was considered too radical and overly dependent upon new technologies. However, with the constant improvement of technology, the Agile web development process has been refined and made more practical for many different types of businesses.
  4. Today the Agile web development process incorporates many of the same principles that have been utilized throughout the history of the software development industry.
  5. One of the primary benefits of using an Agile or Lean CMS is that it is extremely adaptable to the unique needs of the customer. Agile CMS provides a higher degree of flexibility than a traditional software development company that may be limited in their ability to modify certain aspects of the code.
  6. Agile CMS allows for greater latitude with coding changes than a traditional software development company may be able to accomplish, the customer can expect a custom web development company to be very flexible in their ability to customize the look and functionality of their site. This will ultimately prove to be a large cost savings for the customer.

Agile CMS also provides the business owner a greater degree of control over the development of their website. This is due to the fact that Agile CMS provides a model and framework that allow for developers to create custom modules and applications much easier than a traditional software development company would be capable of developing. In most cases a custom website development vs. website builder solution that utilizes an Agile CMS will allow the business owner to utilize any number of different modules at any time.