In this day and age, there are a lot of different types of cars that you choose form with respect to their size, style, modification etc. Getting a new car is for sure a big decision for a lot of people, since you do not make that type of purchases every day. That is why to it is very important to look out for the best car that you can get that perfectly matches with your taste and style. You can get your car repaired at car repair Dubai al qouz. You can also find dodge service center Sharjah. In this article we will be telling you about the different types of cars that you can get.


If you want to travel in style, a limousine is an excellent option. These cars’ characteristics are constructed in such a manner that they meet all of the dazzling requirements. The outside is stylish, and the interior includes sumptuous spaces, making this one of the most expensive vehicles. The driver has a designated section in these cars, while the riders have a separated zone with the divider between them.


Convertibles are one of the modern cars that you would see at a showroom. The fact that it can be turned into an open-air vehicle makes it more marketable. However, with present tech, several advances have been achieved. Some sports cars include automatic hydraulic or electrical actuators, which make things simple. This is the one type of car that is equally liked by almost everyone.

Micro cars

The one with a compact size that could easily be fit anywhere and can be parked everywhere is a micro car. An economy car is one that many people can afford. These are designed to satisfy the demands of those with a middle-income. It also has lower operating expenses and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. One of these is the well-known micro car. Micro cars are a cross between a motorcycle and an automobile. These typically have one-liter engines and space for two passengers. Micro cars can be 3 or 4 wheels in size.


A hatchback is best suited for people with the only demand of having big spaces for passengers and for the baggage.