Based on various factors above, we are pleased to present you with the best attar in UAE for both men & women. We have categorized the best attar & fragrances based on price, aroma, scent, brand name, brand quality, reorder value, delivery time & ease of handling. Here is a brief overview of the best Attars:

If you are looking for the best attar fragrance, then there is no better choice than Rosewood Attar. It has been scented with floral notes and spicy notes to offer intense aroma that last for long lasting. Further, detailed legwork has been done to analyze each & every aroma in the fragrance, To top it all, the fragrance has been loaded with delicate rose petals. With a blend of traditional jasmine flowers along with the sensuous rose, Rosewood Attar has long lasting fragrance.

Another one of the best attar brands is Oriental Beauty Oud. It has an oriental fragrance, which has been nicely balanced using various elements including floral notes. The fragrance of Oriental Beauty Oud lasts for long, so much so that we have counted more than 30 bottle bottles of this perfume in our stock!

In another top list of best attar brands, we have another winner in hand called Prada Attar. This perfume is made of absolute aroma and has a unique exotic charm that is hard to describe. The fragrance of this perfume oil is complex and contains musk, vanilla, rosewood, cedar wood, amber, woods, musk, sandalwood and some other exotic smelling components. The main ingredients used to create this long lasting and strong aroma are: soy bean oil, cedar wood, sugar, citric acid, water, floral musk, carbinoprovanone, linalool, resins, stearic acid, vanillin, linalool and many other aromatic compounds.

Last but not the least in the long list of the best attar brand is Goddess Amba, considered as the Queen of perfume. This traditional star has a strong floral aroma. The fragrance of Goddess Amba is not very expensive and is known for its durability. As far as the aroma is concerned, the aroma of this fragrance is very fresh, spicy, sexy, complex and long lasting.

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