You need to ask that why you are leaning towards a certain college and why you want to take admission in that specific college or university. It is an important question and you have to get the answer before you take admission because sometimes you may lean towards an institute and after sometime you will get to know that it was a total mistake of yours and then you will regret about your decision. You have to ask this question and then find the answers carefully especially when you are looking for the engineering universities in UAE.

Are you ready?

You need to ask about this question from yourself that if you are really ready about taking the admission in a specific field or even if you are ready to take admission. Sometimes people will be tired or having the education for years and then they need to take an year off but they will not realize that when they are having peer pressure so you have to sit alone and think properly that whether you are in need of taking the admission or not. When you think that you are not ready of taking the admission then you should not go for that and take a rest of an year and it will also help you in thinking clearly about your next move.

Is it affiliated?

You need to understand that the university which you are going to select for your future studies should be affiliated with the higher educational institute of your country which will be the central part of education in any country. If the college is not affiliated then your degree will not be valid and you may not get a good job from that degree and also the quality of education that you will get from there will not good and up to the mark.

Is it best?

You have to search between the best architecture universities and then it will be easy for you to select the best out of them. When you do not have the good ones in your list then you may not get the best institute as you have selected every kind of institute so you have to choose the best in advance for your better future. You have to take care of your future in advance.