Before going for a couple’s massage, you should first consider several factors. These factors include alcohol before and after the massage, lighting, packages, and customized consultation with your couple’s massage therapist. Read on to learn more about these important aspects. Also, remember to find the best couples massage places near me. Listed below are some additional factors to consider before going to a couples massage.

Drinking alcohol before and after a couples massage:

Many people do not realize that alcohol and massage do not mix. But it is possible to have a glass of wine or a mimosa before the massage and then have an Oktoberfest-style beer binge afterward. While alcohol may not be detrimental to your health, it can make your massage experience less relaxing and leave you with a hangover. To avoid this, you should limit your alcohol intake beforehand.

A personalized consultation with a couples massage therapist:

Book a personalized consultation with a couple’s massage therapists to get the best results. The therapist should review a few options with you so that you are both comfortable. You should feel free to request different massage modalities as needed. Some couples prefer a relaxing Swedish massage, while others prefer a Thai massage for post-workout stress relief. Your therapist can customize your massage experience by adding sports or deep tissue massage.

Ask questions about what you want the therapist to work on:

Before the massage, ask questions about what you want the therapist to work on. Typically, couples massage therapists will discuss the specific areas they will focus on and any pain issues or preferences. You should also discuss what kind of clothing to wear and what to expect during the massage. Once you have answered your questions, the massage therapist will begin the massage. After the consultation, you and your partner can relax and enjoy the experience together.

Lighting for massage:

When selecting lighting for a couple’s massage, there are several things to consider. While the room should be well-lit for everyone, the massage therapist should ensure it is also comfortable for the client. Most people will have their eyes closed during a massage, so overhead lights should be turned off before the massage. Also, the room should have comfortable lighting, and the windows should be closed. Candles can also be used as lighting, or you can add music to the room.