The reason why Persian carpets look so alluring to the eye even at the very first glance is the fact that a lot of work goes behind in the making of these carpets. It takes a lot of hard work, time and effort to make a product like that of a Persian carpet. People often get overwhelmed the moment that they go to shop for carpets. This is because of the fact that even the Persian carpets are available in an extensive range.

The reason behind this could also be the fact that Iran is a country of immense diversity – each city or each state represents something completely different. That is why they have their own products which speak very highly of what the city is known for. So in this article, we bring you some of the best tips that could help you purchase the best Persian carpet. Most importantly, you do not even have to worry about it getting dirty and that you would have to spend hours into its cleaning, because services of Persian carpet cleaning Dubai are readily available now.

The number of knots

This is one of the key details when it comes to getting a good carpet for yourself. Most of the carpets in Persia are hand loomed. In fact, this is something that these carpets are known for. There are a specific number of knots that determine the quality of the carpet and also speak of its other qualities as well. Around 120 knots per square inch is sufficient to represent a carpet that is of good quality. A carpet is huge, so it would be very difficult to count the knots on a carpet and we too do not expect you to do so. But to check the quality, just flip the carpet over and examine the backside. It also tells a lot about the carpet.


The materials that are usually used in the making of any carpet are wool and silk or it could be a blend of both as well. The most expensive ones are made from 100% silk. Wool carpets also add a touch of warmness to the house.

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